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Confused! - Which Sanitair Service do you require?

Matching the following descriptions should help you identify what cleaning service you will require.

Standard Sanitair Service

  • My aircon is not often used
  • My aircon appears well maintained and clean
  • My aircon is cooling perfectly
  • My aircon has no visible signs of mould
  • My aircon is not leaking water
  • My aircon is not omitting a stale or musty odour
  • My aircon is not noisy when operating

Sanitair HydroFlush

  • My aircon has mould in the area where the air blows out
  • My aircon has mould on the louvres
  • My aircon has small black particles flying out when operating
  • My aircon is not blowing as strong as it previously did
  • My aircon coils behind the filters are clean
  • My aircon is getting noisy
  • My aircon was professionally cleaned last year
  • We experience itchy/watery eyes or sneezing when our aircon is operating

Sanitair Premium Clean & Sanitise 

  • My aircon has not been professionally cleaned in over 3 years
  • My aircon is leaking water
  • My aircon smells unpleasant
  • My aircon has visible mould and contaminants present
  • My aircon is noisy when operating
  • My aircon is located near my kitchen
  • My electricity bills are getting noticeably higher with no real changes.
  • We experience itchy/watery eyes or sneezing when our aircon is operating
  • Room occupants suffer from respiratory disease such as Asthma
  • Mould returns quickly after previous cleans.

AirCon HydroWash Clean & Sanitise!

Air Conditioning Clean with
Hydrowash $99 per system